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Information About Fees

Most of the fees charged for  procedures are covered in whole by your insurer. However, in certain conditions where the the degree of complexity is higher, or if there is an excess applied to your policy, there may be a shortfall for which you are liable for in its entirity. Please check with your insurer and contact them before the procedure.


Self-pay patients and patients from overseas are required to settle their account in full on the day. Payment can be by cheque or in cash.


Embassy patients will require a letter of guarantee.

  •  BUPA

  • BUPA International





What billing or insurance information will I receive?

​Most UK insurers now allow on-line invoicing and so we will do this if your insurer provides this facility. If not then you will receive a copy of your invoice which will be sent to the insurers. 

How do I know if my insurer will cover all costs?

Please feel free to contact us to ask what the fee will be. In the majority of cases the fee will be covered by your insurer.Please contact your insurer before the procedure to check that this is the case.​However, in complex cases and if there is an excess applied to your policy, then you are responsible for the shortfall. 


​What is your notice period for accounts to be settled?

​Accounts are payable within 30 days. After this time you will be sent a reminder and if payment is still not forthcoming then a debt collection service will be instructed to recover all costs.


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