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If your child requires an operation or procedure, or is anxious about other things going on in their lives, then we are the provider you need. Our professional but bespoke approach to your child and you, will help you from start to finish. We specialise in children who are anxious and will work with yourself to provide your child with the support that he or she needs to achieve a positive outcome. 

We  are commited to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide-Quality,Safety and Care.


Dr. Cunnington has over 12 years experience as a consultant anaesthetist providing care for children of all ages  for routine and complex surgery. We also realise the importance of minimising the stress of having a procedure and aim to support your child and yourself through this challenging time. Using bespoke techniques we strive to minimise the negative behavioural impact hospital admission can have. By providing your child and yourself with the support and resources you need, we aim to ensure a positive outcome.


Hypnotherapy is an established technique in managing anxiety related problems in children. We have particular interest and expertise in the management and prevention of procedure-related anxiety, performance anxiety and, in particular, anxiety related to examinations, interviews and presentations.


Medicolegal reports are available upon request.

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